Thursday, September 06, 2007

A terse verse

It's time to leave
But a post is due
Can't turn back now
No, just won't do

The page is blank
The mind, likewise
Maybe it's because
We lunched on fries

The weekend beckons
Gotta go, gotta go
So we'll be back
With a real post tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Dearly you post only from work,
"Good effort" to befuddle us tho',
A post on Friday? A bonus a perq!
Doubt you will be here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh! "Bheja fry"? Tut tut!

Anonymous said...

You are a poet and you kno et :)

Hornswoggler said...

Fries for lunch? With nothing else to munch? Why on earth dear? You need food for thought or else how will this blog fare?

Leela A said...

You know me too well
But believe me, I tried.
'Tomorrow' didn't happen I guess
So just maybe, i lied :)

e: Totally! You can't imagine...

Anon: Thanks, but if it's all the same,
Next time do leave a name. :)

Rash: Ok, the fries were accompanied by a none-too-thrilling burger. Which explains the sad rhyme...

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow never happens,
Its all in the now;
Dear Lee beloved,
(and other such vows)...

Leela A said...

e: Too tired to rhyme, so I'll let it go this time.

Anonymous said...

Its all enow,
in the present somehow;
'Tomorrow never knows' -
(or so the saying goes).