Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A day in Bombay

Spot of green on a grey day - at Marine Drive

Shades of rain

Love that weathers

Shelter from the storm

A caged beast - outside Churchgate Station

A riot of elephants

Night lights - from a friend's window

Open-air kitchen

Rainproofing - Bollywood style

God in sight

Old train-ing kicks in


Anonymous said...

Now, THESE are priceless pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl about town!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee,

Looks like the weather in the city has changed just to welcome you. Bombay had become sweltering hot 2 days back and the tide seems to have turned out of the blue ! Enjoy your visit. hope you'll keep posting your bbay diaries..

Leela A said...

Cherie: Thank you :-)

e: I haven't even begun ;-)

Keya: Hey, you're a Bombay gal too. I'm glad it's good weather. WIll keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me there will be pictures we will nevr get to see ;)