Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A day in Bombay

Spot of green on a grey day - at Marine Drive

Shades of rain

Love that weathers

Shelter from the storm

A caged beast - outside Churchgate Station

A riot of elephants

Night lights - from a friend's window

Open-air kitchen

Rainproofing - Bollywood style

God in sight

Old train-ing kicks in


Anonymous said...

Now, THESE are priceless pictures!

e said...

Wow, girl about town!

Keya said...

Hey Lee,

Looks like the weather in the city has changed just to welcome you. Bombay had become sweltering hot 2 days back and the tide seems to have turned out of the blue ! Enjoy your visit. hope you'll keep posting your bbay diaries..

Leela A said...

Cherie: Thank you :-)

e: I haven't even begun ;-)

Keya: Hey, you're a Bombay gal too. I'm glad it's good weather. WIll keep posting.

e said...

Something tells me there will be pictures we will nevr get to see ;)