Monday, September 17, 2007

A few things that made me smile

• The inflight announcer faltering over the pronunciation of Mumbai airport – Chit rappety Sewage Airport, Membai.

• A co-passenger exclaiming at the conveyor belt, “Shining new trollies?!”

• My wrestling match with the taxi door before I remembered I had to push the button and not yank the handle.

• The rows of lights and Ganesh pandals along the highway.

• The customary wrangling with the taxi driver over the fare.

• Parents who ask you if you want bun and tea for breakfast.


Alpha said...

bun-tea aur bablee! incase you had spirts after that. pardon jokes delivered in the afternoon after stomach full of lunch.

smootchies to niece.

Hornswoggler said...

Chit rappety sewage!!! lol! dear dear, after all that renovation :)

Anonymous said...

Please tell me Bal Thackeray was a passenger on that flight. :-D


Anonymous said...

You remembered which side to get on on the cab?

Anonymous said...

*She must have been a toothy fairy
*He was fairly surprised
*That door needed fairing I bet!
*...and the fair that you crossed?
*Fare enough?
*Standard Mumbai fare!!

Leela A said...

Alpha: LOL! Hope that helped you digest your lunch. Will convey Aunty Alpha's regards...

Rash: I know, that was unfortunate. Things did look a bit spiffy.

Hyde: Hmm.. that explains all the heavy duty security at the airport!

E: No, I almost pushed the cabbie and sat behind the wheel :D

Cherie: That was very good, my fair lady :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! So YOU were the one haggling about the fare?

Anonymous said...

Fair AND Lovely might I ad :D!