Monday, September 10, 2007

Gimme news

I have it from reliable sources that the irksome, juvenile conversation (non)starter 'wassup' is fast losing popularity to another equally grating phrase 'gimme news'. My mind freezes when I hear that one, and despite the faint knowledge that it's not so much a query as a greeting, I start racking my brains for some 'newsworthy' going-ons in my life.

Today's been one of those uneventful days, and I'm a bit skittish about coming across someone on the way home who accosts me with a 'gimme news'.

Perhaps, a quick run through of the Gulf News might bail me out. A few samples:

Parents should never be abused or disrespected

Not bad for starters. Here's how a conversation could go...

Person X: Yo, Lee, gimme news

Me: Umm... hiya, you know you gotta respect your parents.

Person X: Whoa, stay away from me. Smokin' up's illegal in this country, y'know.

Me: Speaking of which, have you heard of the professor who admitted to carrying drugs. He said, "I am a university professor in the United States. I am guilty and want to be given the punishment I deserve"

Person X (backing away a bit): What-evah! Listen, I gotta go...

Me: Sure, but remember, don't watch TV while driving, ok

Person X: Whatever's wrong with you, I hope it's not contagious.

Me: Rats! I missed the health pages today, can I get back to you on that tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

In Hindi it would be...gimme some-achaar??!!! ~ pickled tink

Anonymous said...

Lessons learnt: if your ex- asks for news about you dont tell him unless you want to get rid of him.

Leela A said...

e: Say, have you tried Priya's Garlic Pickle in oil? Tink you'll like it.

Cherie: Hah, let me know how that works :)

Anonymous said...

No. But I HAVE tinkered with other things of Priya's ;)

Anonymous said...

As effective as garlic pickle in oil if you intend to continue being alone :D!!

Leela A said...

e: LOL! I believe you would have...

Cherie: Phew! I get the picture.