Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Space Wanted

1 bamboo arrangement
1 Thesaurus
1 cellotape dispenser
1 Post-It note
1 mobile phone holder
I pen holder
4 coasters
3 thimble sized ceramic pots
1 Gary Larson calendar
1 photo frame
14 magazines that's been on the reading list for months
8 supplements from the weekend newspapers
1 notepad
1 job allocation notebook
1 envelope with certificates

And that's only the assortment on the desk.

The 3 side-table drawers are groaning with paraphernalia ranging from stale biscuits to DVDs, newspaper cuttings to invitations to bygone events, interior design magazines to odds 'n ends which have grown pale from the sustained absence of sunlight.

Tomorrow, all of that's going to be packed in a carton and moved to the new office a floor below. I haven't seen my new work station, but I've already requisitioned extra storage space...

An early post on the collection junkie here


Anonymous said...

.... and so this was moved around a bit I guess.

Leela A said...

e: Erm?

Anonymous said...

The post was there very late in the evening on Thursday - so you couldn't have posted from the office, then not there the next day. Rather , it was relegated to the QQ label. Then hey, presto it was back. So-o...

Leela A said...

Cherie: Thanks for that feedback. I'm not quite sure what's going on. This was posted on Wednesday, and I got one comment from e in my mailbox but couldn't see it on the site. And now I see your comment and a new one from e. Guess Blogger's up to some mischief...