Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For the record we never gave up...

I still have the half-finished post on the Russell Peters show which I started writing a few months ago. The other half's written out in my head, now buried under layers of other incomplete pieces. Friends who've been tracking the blog have repeatedly asked why I've stopped writing. Just like that, I say. Are you ever going to write again, they persist. Maybe, I shrug. It's a habit that just fell away one day. And stayed away for five months. If not for Alison's birthday post which has become a ritual of sorts, I might have dragged my feet some more.

Coming back feels good though. Like returning to a house you once lived in, and finding it both familiar and strange. Should one attempt to recreate the old magic? Should one try something new? Ah, let's not try to figure it all out. For now, this feels good.

Let's see what new-s the blog's missed lately...

A new acquisition - the Red Devil.
A new obsession - Alternative Rock
A new passion - the gym, resulting in...
A new weakness - strained back
A new ad award - five, actually
A new close friend - T
A new history - R
A new groove - salsa
A new discipline - waking at 6
A new ritual - the Morning Pages
A new freedom - from old blighters
A new discovery - peace

Right, that sums it up.

Thanks Keya and Fairy for the 'welcome back'. And Patrix for dutifully commenting on an old post which Bloglines mysteriously posted. Thanks to all who've left a comment while I went AWOL.

Lindsey, of course I remember you!! There's no way to get in touch on your blog. Mail me or leave an i.d.


Patrix said...

Heh. Considering how rare my commenting habits are these days, I can't imagine how I ended up commenting on an old post...just dinn bother to check the date But then you have become so erratic in your posting that you can't blame me. I'll read anything you write even if it is rehashed stuff :)

Leela A said...

Patrix: No blame, just fulsome praise for your loyalty :)

Anonymous said...

Lee, be thankful that trixu commented in the first place.. even if a wrong post! :P

and a new camera! kewl.. see u on filckr then :).. and pray tell me that thingy abt "peace" as well :P.

Leela A said...

Fairy: Sigh. Flickr's been banned in the UAE. I'll put up some of the pics here in a while. The 'peace thing' I'm trying to bottle and market. Look out in all leading pharmacies soon :)