Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just in case you wanted my opinion

In response to my post - Facebook Face off - I received an email from Brian which I've reproduced here.

My name is Brian and I'm an intern at ( I wanted to let you know about's new Facebook Files application. It lets people manage all of their documents, photos, and files online so they can access them from anywhere, or share them with friends on Facebook or on their profile. You can take a look at it here:

Like I said in my post, I'm not too keen on numerous applications on my profile. And I like to keep my documents, photos and files offline. But if any of you find it helpful, just run along and add it.

Anyone out there wants me to review a Business Class trip to Paris? Or an opera in Venice? Or an evening with Christian Bale? Just let me know, ok.


Anonymous said...

Oh! And one almost asked if cage-standing for the Pink concert counts :P!

Leela A said...

e: Definitely counts, especially if you're wearing a canary yellow shirt :)

Anonymous said...

Nah! That would be cheep!