Monday, March 20, 2006

Ha Ha Hee Hee

There's nothing I enjoy more than reading the newspapers out here. Apart from the daily exercise involved in merely lifting a single day's copy of the Khaleej Times or Gulf News , there are other salutary benefits. Most newspapers dedicate a page or less to the funnies; here, there's entertainment aplenty on every page you look. Like for instance, this little gem tucked away in the 7 Days (a hugely popular, free tabloid).

Interview 'attacker' cleared

A man has been found not guilty of molesting a woman who came for a job interview. The man was accused of molesting a woman, who applied for a job working at the Global Village. The woman claimed she asked him to stop, and was then offered money for sex, which she refused. The suspect denied the charges, and his boss testified that he was not likely to have molested anyone, because he had memorised the Koran.

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