Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things I have wondered about lately…

… how do Arab men ensure their dishdashas are so spotlessly white?

… how do cafes get away with charging 18 dirhams for a cappuccino which is half filled with foam anyway?

… why do cupboards creak ominously at night?

… why don’t they have restaurants and cafes on Jumeirah beach?

… where are the really interesting people in Dubai?

… when will Etisalat lower their rates?

… what do I want my obituary to say about me?

… what do I really want to write about?

... when will Al Barsha get a decent coffee shop which is NOT part of a gas station?

… what’s the big deal about Kentucky Fried Chicken?

... why do weekends take their time coming and end so swiftly


Sonia said...

1- Tide Extra apparently.

2- u pay for the ambiance my deah!

3- u're not around in the day to hear it.

4- Vacationing in Spain.

5- when hell freezes over.

6- Leela A - "AWESOME!(true story!)"

7- everything.

8- U wann start one with me? (WITH my cos it's my idea! :P)

9- u need to have grown up with it to get it!

10- cos u don't like your job anymore.

and yes, i'm bored! :P

Leela A said...

LOL! That was brilliant. My deep philosophical questions reduced to matter-of-fact answers. Especially love the answer to Q.6 ;-)

Sonia said...

*grin* I hope you know it's a HIMYM ref.

Leela A said...

*grimace* I barely watch TV. In fact, had to google to figure out what HIMYM was! But I trust it’s a good reference.

Swami Antar Anveshi said...

Refreshing to read absolutelee again!
This may be Absolute History, but there was a seed sown by a fellow blogger ( who moved to (

I read your 'Absolute Lee has moved...' and was laughing when I remembered my own move message 'Time to move... Next stop:'. What a wonderful world of blogistence!

So my bit of wondering...
- Why do rediffbloggers move to blogspot
- Why was my blog on Absolute Reads then but not now

Anonymous said...

they keep white thobes by having their 5 maids work hard on hands and knees with an expensive spot remover (at 2am)...

Heathcliffs Girl said...

Number one,i have wondered too!
And though this might seem lil creepy i have noticed that their feet are also mostly so bledy clean!!like they get daily pedicures!