Sunday, December 02, 2007

Don't you just love December?

There's a wee nip in the air these days. Not the kind of weather that makes you grab a jacket and thrust your hands deep in its pockets. But the kind that steals up on you and makes the hair on your forearm quiver. The kind that makes you roll down the car windows so that the wind can style your hair.

People seem happier, or is it just me? The prospect of vacations and festivities, reunions and revelry seems to infuse a happy glow everywhere. No matter how the year has turned out this far, December can make it all come together. Leave November to its neuroses, and leave January to handle regrets and resolutions, December is for getting carried away, unabashedly.

Someone I met recently has sworn off meat, spirits and smoking for a whole month in anticipation of the hedonism to follow in the last week of the year. That's how seriously people take December.

And what better way to start off December than with a long weekend. It's the UAE National Day today. And there's another anticipated holiday on account of Eid sometime soon. And there are trails to discover, and locales to explore, and conversations to continue...

Don't you just love December?


Alpha said...

Are you kidding me?! Open the window to style your hair? Oh well, sigh! We can hope for your December six months from now. at this point, my snot has frozen in my nose and I cant hear through my ear muffs. Shakes head in disbelief!

Anonymous said...

December and the permanent, depressing haze, the delayed flights, the annoyingly short days.

December, the month of self imposed house arrest, the blocked sinuses, the resulting throbbing headaches and foul taste in the mouth. And the drugs that make me feel happy despite all my efforts to the contrary.

Yeah love it all. And wish it would go away already..

Leela A said...

Alpha & Two Penny: Ok, ok I get it... Is this your way of angling for an invitation to visit Dubai? No problem, let me get the red carpet. It's the least I can do for old cohorts. :)