Thursday, November 01, 2007

October checklist

Return from Bombay without excess baggage - check
Get upgraded to Business Class on the flight - check
Smuggle common cold viruses into Dubai which torment for weeks - check
Mark blog anniversary - check
Start the gym - check
Get back in touch with a friend I'd always want to get in touch with - check
Go on a somewhat interesting date - check
Fix and service car - check
Get lost when dropping and picking up car from service station - check
Try out two new recipes - check
Neglect blog - check
Write out goals and plans - check

There, always helps to make a checklist. Haven't given up on the diary, Parmanu, it was just taking a while and encouraging procrastination. One of these days...


Anonymous said...

I'm confident you will soon write about it. The reason for my optimism? Well, your words show that you are much more disciplined than I am: in my case, procrastination does not need encouragement - it simply happens!

Leela A said...

Parmanu: I like your confidence in me :)