Monday, October 08, 2007

Where we ring in another 'ear

"Sex... sex...," said the guard at the airport entrance as I was rolling my trolley in.

My blood ran cold. I could scarcely believe that I was being solicited by a security personnel and that too with so many travellers and airport officials milling around. He had an almost bored expression on his face, and didn't flinch when I looked him straight in the eye. Was this what our much touted 'new' airports were all about, I thought indignantly.

I drew myself to my full height, almost standing on tiptoe, preparing to deliver a scathing rebuke on his unseemly behaviour.

He looked uneasy at my steady gaze and said, almost in a puzzled tone, "Sex 751?"

Was this some code, I wondered? Worse, was he bargaining? My mind ran amok with possibilities. The lascivious brute then started pointing to my hand, and I involuntarily looked down, and spotted my ticket and passport. A familiar number on the ticket caught my eye, and I stared at it for another second before the fog lifted.

I was on Flight CX 751.

P.S. Blame the incessant sniffling for affecting my hearing.

P.P.S. Absolute Lee is now FOUR 'EARS OLD. Thanks all of you for being around.


Patrix said...

Four 'ears old, eh? That's you qualify for a lifetime achievement award :) Too bad others have fallen by the wayside while we carry the torch. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to turn sex...ears or no ears :D!

Moonie said...

he he he he :) :D Hillarious, I can imagine that marathi maanus (likely) wondering about your cold stare !

yes, mubarak ho @ 4yrs of blogging! Inshallah we will see many more years to come.

Chugs said...

u can be termed a veteran now. congrats!

JugHead said...

damn! you dirty mind!

Leela A said...

Patrix: Thanks. Sometimes when I go back and read the old posts, it feels like another lifetime... :)

e: LOL! Yeah...

Moonie: Inshallah, yes :) Thanks.

Chugs: Oh, the good old days... :-)

Tintin: Hmm... you said the d-word.