Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Now, Up Above

It's bizarre and immensely gratifying to note that in the first two weeks of 2007, I've been on 3 continents.

I'm back in Dubai after 3 languid weeks in Australia and a breathless week in Bombay. Part of the silence lately can be attributed to this dashing about the place, soaking in the experience and enjoying every moment of it.

"You seem different," some tell me, referring mostly to the tan. But there are some deep-rooted alterations too, I can tell. Trips unfailingly do that to me. I'm still unravelling the experience, figuring out a way to translate it all. But before I get into all of that, some of the memorable moments...

* Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef (definitely one of life's highlight)

* Skydiving from 14,000 feet

* Learning to surf (one very wobbly surfer there!)

* Sampling a grill consisting of kangaroo, crocodile and emu meat

* Travelling alone to Melbourne & Cairns without a map or itinerary (and in one instance without even accommodation)

* Drinking enough wine - incredibly fine Australian wine - to fill a small bathtub

* Watching a Mozart opera at the Sydney Opera House

* Getting invited to dinner by a charming Swedish septuagenarian (I politely declined)

* Getting invited to dinner by an Aussie bush tracker who was also a digeridoo player, Japanese film enthusiast and marijuana grower! (I was too intrigued to refuse.)

* Almost losing my hand luggage, almost leaving my ticket behind, almost forgetting my phone... all of this even before the flight to Sydney took off. I guess I'm lucky I got back in one piece, minus only the camera. Sigh.

The Australia Diary continues...


Patrix said...

You seem to have had one heck of a Aussie vacation. Boy, am I jealous.

But why minus the camera? Don't tell me you lost it...I was gonna ask for pics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee,

Great to see you back.. waiting to hear about the alterations you've referred to.

Wish you a very happy new year too !


KJ said...

that was some holiday...


wish u cud have posted the pics in ur priceless pics section..


Adi said...

damn damn damn ... am SO jealous

Have always wanted to go to australia... where are the pics?

Anonymous said...

Hi ..

Like this post "Love Hurts" ... It's nice the way you start & then move on .... nice!!

The idea "Songs to Inspire Regular Blogging..."?!? IT'S POSSIBLE!!!

Nice to land on your blog..

Krishnabhaskar Mangalasserri said...

mmmm.. so that was a cool trip... njoyd..? nice to read ur travelougue...want more... pls update..

pradeep said...

he lee..that was quite a long trip through are really lucky to have got the chance to globetrot like post ur experiences

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Do reveal all.

AmitL said...

Hi,Lee...welcome back..I was just wondering whether u were ready to kangaroo-hop it back to Dubai yet.Wowie to most of the moments u had...snorkell,skydiving,etc.Hey, I've a suspicion that u're saying 'landed without the camera', to ward off us photo-demanderd.LOL...well,let me say,we 'Almost' got to see the snaps.:)Waiting for the next Australia diary pages.(BTW,the co I'm now in,is Australian,u know,mate....LOL)

Leela A said...

Patrix: Hope you like the pics posted above. I lost the camera but not the pics since I uploaded them to my laptop.

Keya, KJ, Adi: Pics have been posted. Enjoy.

Roy:Thanks Roy. As you can see, I could use some of those songs myself.

Sabu, Dinkan, Vijay: Am working on something at the moment, hence the delay in posting.

Amit: Glad to ward off your suspicion. So when are you headed Down Under?

Anonymous said...

Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leela

How 3 continents???? Australia, Asia, Asia?? Guess just a stickler for details. :-)

anish said...

WOW! :) sky-diving! always something i think i want to do! i am not whether i have what it takes - but WOW!

And yeah, Australia is great. I remember I went there when I was about 10 and it is still on my fave holidays..and yes we snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef - awesome!