Sunday, January 15, 2006

The best laid plans...

I look at my blog each morning, and my promise of being on the blog more often glares at me. Has it already been 15 days since I wrote that? After dawdling along for months, life seems to have picked up its skirts and is sprinting ahead faster than I can catch up.

For once, there are no complaints. The most delightful weather is upon us. A bit like the oxymoronic 'Bombay winter' - nippy, but comfortably so. The sky goes berserk with colour at sundown. I eagerly throw open the blinds on the window in front of my work desk, and look out as the yellow streaks turn orange, and then purple, blue, mauve, maroon... until it's dark enough to see my own reflection in the glass. The giant metal crane swings in long, lazy arcs, adding the finishing touches to the skyscraper which now blocks the central view. Down below, the toilers are ensuring that it will only be a matter of months until a new building comes up to shut out a little more of my view.

Why do birds fly in circles before sunset? Where exactly are their nests if there aren't any trees around? What do birds really think when they see airplanes? Questions spring unbidden and linger awhile; the answers aren't really important.

It's perfect weather for walking along the Creek, for meeting friends, for long conversations and convulsive laughter. Even the Gods agree. In the first two weeks of the year, we've barely had 4 working days. I happily count out the holidays to anyone who'll listen: three day New Year weekend, three day mourning for Sheikh Maktoum, five days off for Eid Al Adha. In between lazy brunches and frenzied shopping, movies and dinners ice-skating and lame attempts to work off all that food... the days blissfully merge into each other.

The blog and other resolutions feel like they belong to another lifetime. To-do lists are coldly ignored. Musts and shoulds are sent packing. Living in and for the moment has never felt more blissful.

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