Thursday, May 19, 2005

The ties that bind… and choke

“We’re praying, there will be a miracle,” I’m told, each day, by relatives, friends, well wishers, even the lift operator in the hospital.

I smile at them gratefully, not wanting to contradict them. The truth is we’re witnessing miracles each moment, each day. We’ve lost count of the ‘magic moments’ we’ve experienced in the last 49 days.

* Countless people writing in to say they’re praying fervently - for a girl they’ve never even met.

* Family and friends rallying around with financial assistance.

* Superlative doctors, nurses and hospital staff, who’ve taken to Preeti like their own.

* Preeti’s awesome defiance of all predictions, diagnoses and statistics.

And in the middle of it all, there’s one more miracle which still has me blinking in disbelief – the ‘blog’ has entered my family vocabulary!

Circa 2003: sample conversation

“Leela!! Unplug yourself from that blessed computer!!!”

“Leela!! What ARE you writing? Block?? What’s a block??

May 2005: sample conversation

“Leela!! When are you going to update your blog?”

“Leave her alone, she’s writing her blog.”

At first I read out each comment on the Preeti posts to all at home. Now, I don’t need to. My blog is checked; each comment is read and marvelled at. “Such wonderful people, these bloggers!”

My blog has been shared with the extended family as well. And from there, it has found its way into yahoo groups, mailboxes and newsletters. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a mail from someone in Pakistan who said he and his family were praying for Preeti.

The spike in traffic has Spaceman Spiff working overtime to ensure that it doesn’t blow a hole through his precious programming.

I can’t help marvelling at the unlikely blog evangelism. My aunt, a school teacher has only recently acquired a computer and is still familiarising herself with MS Word. That hasn’t stopped her from reeling off the blog url to the Principal of her school. My mum cheerfully shares my blog with anyone who cares to listen and has recently discovered the thrill of commenting. Better still, of receiving replies to comments.

A couple of days ago, my mum called up an elderly pastor who runs a prayer group. In between the discussions about Preeti, my mum couldn’t help bringing up her favourite topic…

Mum: Did you know my other daughter has a blog?

Elderly pastor: A block?? Oh dear. Not to worry, we’ll pray for her too…

A special welcome to the family in Dubai, Toronto, Calgary, Mumbai and Delhi… this one’s for you

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